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Standard 9 Way Power Console with Recorder

The Hotfoil-EHS 9-WAY power console incorporates a 1.5" tubular frame with a 1-1/4" tubed handle and kick bar. The entire assembly is fully welded, ground down, polished and then powder coated black. The front and back panels are 14 gauge steel and the side and roof panels are 16 gauge. All panels are powder coated. Beneath the lid is a removable support system to prevent the lid from bending, and also to allow for supporting a recorder.
9 Way Power Console with  Recorder

9 Way with Ramp

  • A True 73KVA Air Natural Transformer UL & CSA Approved for the 6-way & we offer a 90KVA for the 9 & the 12 way both offered with multiple Taps
  • Primary 3-Phase Input Tappings of 440/480-575v, 3ph, 60hz.
  • Secondary 65 & 80 volts @ 73KVA.
  • A Shunt Trip Facility In Association With Over Temperature Winding Protection
  • 110 Volt Fused Auxiliary Supply For Instrumentation, 1KVA
  • Contactorized Switching With Neon Indicators For Each Of The 6 Channels
  • Size: 44” high x 33” deep x 24” wide.
  • DIGITAL RAMP  Controls (standard)
  • Heavy Duty 6 inch casters, (two fixed,  two swivel) for easy moving
  • Eye hooks at each corner for overhead lifting (6-way only)
  • Available top hat to convert 6-way into 12-way (as shown above)
  • Standard Ammeter on all models

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