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Powder Coating Services in Philadelphia

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Powder Coating Service

Hotfoil-EHS powder coatings provide our customers with exceptional quality in powder coating anything they desire using dry-powder, electrostatic coating methods. From prison doors to automotive parts and accessories, our large spray booth and powder coating oven allow us to do it all. Our knowledge and expertise provide our clients with a flawless thick, hard finish - much more durable than conventional paint and coating methods.

What is Powder Coating?

Powder coating is a durable dry spray coating process for metal parts (in some cases plastics and fiberboard can be powder coated). Powder coatings provide high-quality, robust finishes, optimizing performance, increasing efficiencies, and simplifying environmental compliance. Powder coatings are available in an almost infinite variety of colors and textures, are used as protective and decorative finishes. Powder coatings are known for outstanding performance.

Powder coatings consist of polymer resins, pigments, and other additives that are melted, combined, cooled and processed into a powder. Through electrostatic deposition, the powder is spray-coated to a metal substratum which is then moved to an oven where heat chemically alters the coating's molecular structure, greatly improving durability.

Sand Blasting

To assure that flawless finish, we sandblast the component thoroughly down to the bare metal. This blasting process removes rust and stuck-on dirt to provide a smooth, clean piece of metal for processing. From there, we can begin our powder coating process and achieve that high quality we guarantee.


Here at Hotfoil-EHS, we take pride in our work to guarantee your component is powder coated to perfection. When the component arrives at our facility to when it is ready for transport, we handle it with care and repeatedly ensure the product is up to our standards. >

Our Powder Coating Spray Booth & Oven

Hotfoil-EHS Coat Booth
Hotfoil-EHS Coat Oven

Hotfoil-EHS Inside Coat Booth
Hotfoil-EHS Inside Coat Oven

Coating Process
Hotfoil-EHS Oven and Booth


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