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FM Approved Type HB Hopper Heating Module

Module Design for Intimate Hopper Contact

Pluggage of flash collection hoppers due to flue condensation is an expensive and unnecessary problem. Type HB Heating Module systems are specifically designed to eliminate the maintenance problem of hopper pluggage.

HB Modules on hopper

The HB Heating Module system is designed to provide low watt density heat spread over the maximum surface area available for heating. Uniform heating is essential to avoid cold spots, especially near the hopper throat where fly ash pluggage is most prevalent and problematic. To obtain maximum heater coverage, both rectangular and trapezoidal heaters are available to provide the most effective and efficient application of heat.

FM Approved Heater
Most flash hoppers are designed with poke tubes, manways, and cylindrical throats. As supplemental equipment we can include custom built flexible heating blankets for these problem areas which become integrated with the HB Module system to provide the ultimate in uniform heat distribution.
The heat source of the HB Heating Module is a low watt density flexible heating blanket. This robust, flexible, cushion like heater face material provides maximum heat transfer to the hopper surface even when the hopper surface is irregular. The heating blanket incorporates flat foil elements that provide uniformly distributed heat over the total area of the module. This flat foil element is vastly superior to round wire or mesh type heating elements in heat transfer efficiency and reliability.
HB Heaters on hopper

All Hotfoil proposals include thermal calculations and heater layout drawings using CAD. Post contract design drawings involve schematic wiring details, heater mounting details, installation drawings, and Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals.

All HB Modules are FM Approved and are covered under Factory Mutual Report #J.I.1K2A8.AF.

The IEEE 1069 Recommended Practice for Precipitator and Baghouse Hopper Heating Systems has become an industry standard for guidelines concerning the heating of hoppers with modules as above. Hotfoil was an active participant in this publication and adheres to the guidelines in all applicable cases.

To compliment the HB Modular Heating System, we can provide junction/connecting boxes to bring in the cold leads from the heaters. We also design and supply temperature control systems from simple electro-mechanical thermostats to sophisticated electronic controllers.

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