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Ceramic Mat Heaters and Rope Heaters

HOTFOIL-EHS has the production capability to manufacture up to four hundred ceramic mat heaters (CMH) per day using their seven, 24 ft., stainless steel heater tables. Demand is high and Hotfoil has no issue with moving to a six day work schedule to meet customer needs.

Using only the highest grade 95% sintered alumina ceramics and 80/20 nickel chromium alloy wire provides the highest quality heaters in the industry, and accordingly, earns Hotfoil the top spot as leader in the industry.
Pre-weld ceramic mat heater
Hotfoil-EHS manufactures ceramic mat heaters in a wide variety of voltages, sizes and shapes. All of the following voltages are available for Hotfoil-EHS ceramic mat heaters: 25, 30, 40, 60, 70, 80, 120, 240, 277, 300, 330, 380, 400, 440, 480, 550, 575 and 600 volt.
Ceramic Mat Heaters
Hotfoil-EHS will design and manufacture special shapes and sizes to fit any application. We supply EHS 4-Bank Heaters 15KW on 277 Volts and Mini Bank heaters, we can manufacture for any Voltage and any size, custom heaters are not a problem!
Ceramic Mat Heaters - Bank Heater
Hotfoil-EHS Rope Heaters are made to order.
Ceramic Mat Heaters - Rope Heater
All products are proudly made in Hamilton, NJ, USA
If you have a question, inquiry, or would like product information, please fill out the following form and a Hotfoil-EHS representative will contact you promptly.

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