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The AFTEK MV1500 is especially designed for heavy foundry gouging operations, but also has an excellent arc characteristic for SMAW and FCAW for repair welding. Maximum output is 1650 amps at 35 volts in "regulated mode", and 2000 amperes in "buss" mode.

In buss mode, the gouging torch is connected to the direct output of the unit, and current is controlled by the electrode size, and how hard the operator "pushes". This connection is fused to protect the rectifier and transformer in case of a dead short-circuit condition.
AFTek Model MV1500
The MV1500 is a very simple machine, with a transformer/rectifier connected through a resistor network for fine control, and to a heavy copper buss for heavy gouging. The output is controlled by means of copper buss connectors in 400 ampere increments, with 45 amperes of fine control.

There are NO electronic circuit boards, all control is mechanical switches or buss bars. The fan and contactor are the only moving parts, and to the extent possible, these are protected from the dust and dirt inherent in foundry operations. Designed for foundry operation, useful anywhere "brute" power is needed.
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