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EHS Furnace Design, Fabrication and Capabilities

If you can THINK it, we can BUILD it!

Hotfoil-EHS has extensive furnace design and fabrication experience in the heat treating industries. From small, low-throughput furnaces, to much larger high yield furnaces, to rail-driven furnaces designed to move back and forth over the materials being heated, Hotfoil-EHS Design Engineers and Fabrication Shop has done it all.

Furnace Design

Along the way, there have been many furnace engineering discoveries. For instance, Hotfoil-EHS discovered that crane wheels and their drive systems are by far the easiest way to move large furnaces.

Also, for some designs, incorporating a hydraulic lifting system that lifts the entire furnace during transport prevents insulation from dragging along the hearth. Concepts and features like these are what differentiate Hotfoil-EHS from the competition. Furnaces, built in stainless steel or steel, are shipped in sections for easy, on-site assembly using only a small crane and fork lifts. Furnace sections bolt together with grade 8 bolts, which (as an option) may be welded. While insulation can be installed prior to shipment, it is strongly recommended to insulate after the furnace has been erected to prevent minor damage during assembly.

Here at Hotfoil-EHS, we are capable of building furnaces of many sizes, big and small.

  • We have made several different sizes ranging from 3'H x 3'W x 3'L to 18'H x 18'W x 60'L.
  • All of our furnaces are custom designed to our clients specifications.
  • We offer "fixed", "rolling with doors", "rolling with fixed wall", "top-hat", and "rolling cart" furnaces.
  • We also offer electric and/or gas heating systems.

Heating Options

We can offer...

  • Therm-Air Burners, where the burner and blower are packaged together.
  • Therm-Jet Burners, where the burners are separate from the blowers.
  • Temporary or mobile burner systems.
  • 4-Bank heaters and custom "bank heaters".
  • CMH heaters for our smaller furnaces.

Control Systems for Furnaces

  • Custom PLC control systems are available and provided for two or more burner systems.
  • Our ICE Star control system is available for one to two burners.
  • We can provide a simple on/off 1/16 DIN Hotfoil-EHS 4-20mA controller(s).

Data Capability and Charts

  • Our PLC system records, stores data, and produces charts.
  • The ICE Star furnace control system also records, stores data, and produces charts.
  • Chino digital AH4000 12/24 point recorders, which can save data to a SD card and provides a paper chart.
If you have a question, inquiry, or would like product information, please fill out the following form and a Hotfoil-EHS representative will contact you promptly.

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